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Collaborative Graduate Program in Astrobiology


The Origins Institute (OI) is a leading transdisciplinary enterprise, located at McMaster University. Its members seek answers to the most-fundamental questions in 21st century science through 6 origins themes:

  • space-time
  • elements
  • structure in the cosmos
  • life
  • species and biodiversity
  • humanity.
Members in the OI have identified astrobiology -- the origin(s) of life and its evolution and distribution in the universe – as its prime research directive. We are proud to now have created the first astrobiology graduate program in Canada.
  1. Why do graduate work in Astrobiology?

  2. The OI and Astrobiology

  3. How Our Progam Works

  4. Faculty

  5. How to Apply

Information about the Comprehensive Examination may be accessed by mouseclicking the following link.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Collaborative Program in Astrobiology Director (email:, Administrator (email:; telephone 905-525-9140 +24559)

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