Current Production

There are many people who have been instrumental in designing and producing the presentation "Mars: A World on the Edge."

The director of the Origins Institute, Ralph Pudritz (pictured), first proposed and has since worked to develop 3D visualization for both research and to create a theatre environment in which to show 3D educational films to the public.

The technical staff make very large contributions to keep the theatre operating. In particular, we thank Ranil Sonnadara, Director of Research and High Performance Computing Support (RHPCS); Otto Geiss, Classroom AV Services; and Weiguang Guan, Visualization Specialist.

Gwendolyn Eadie and Ben Keller, PhD candidates in astrophysics, are the coordinators for the 3D Theatre. Their fellow presenters include physics & astronomy graduate students Samantha Benincasa, Corey Howard, Gandhali Joshi, Meghan Miholics, Ian Roberts, and Rory Woods. From 2012-2014, Rachel Ward-Maxwell and Mikhail Klassen coordinated the theatre and launched "Einstein's Universe: A 3D Exploration of the Cosmos."  Pre-2012, Robert Cockcroft was the 3D theatre coordinator, facilitating the launch of "Extreme Alien Worlds: A 3D Voyage Through and Beyond our Solar System." Alumni presenters included David Kirsh, Alyssa Cobb, Kevin Sooley, and Patrick Rogers.

The 3D suite of movies and images used in "Mars," "Extreme Alien Worlds," and "Einstein's Universe" was developed at the Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing in Australia. The "Mars" show also includes content produced for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.  The shows were produced and written by Ralph Pudritz, Rachel Ward-Maxwell, Robert Cockcroft, Mikhail Klassen, Ben Keller, and Gwendolyn Eadie.

Lian Yan, of RHPCS, created and maintains the website. Steve Janzen, from Media Production Services, is the lead graphic designer for all media materials.

Funding for the theatre is provided by the Origins Institute, RHPCS, and the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Ticket sales go towards operating the theatre, and help the Origins Institute acquire and develop new shows.