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The sequencing of the human genome is hailed as a scientific breakthrough in that it opens the human genetic blueprint to investigations of all questions ranging from human origins to the understanding of our humanity (language, music. mind) and health and complex diseases. How we differ from each other and from our closest biological relative (the Chimps), how interactions between genes and culture have shaped our humanity, how the brain works, what are the molecular basis of complex diseases, and why we age, are among some of the important questions that can now be pursued with molecular technology that is developing at a dizzy pace as a result of the sequencing of the human genomes.

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Organizing Committe

Rama Singh
Department of Biology, McMaster University
Hendrik Poinar
Department of Anthropology, McMaster University
Ralph Pudritz
Department of Physics & Astronomy, McMaster University

Workshop Summary

The purpose of the proposed summer workshop is to investigate the link between genomics and the origins and evolution of humans. This OI workshop will invite a group of 6-8 selected world class researchers and leaders in the fields of human genomics, evolution and health. These will be the leaders of a workshop that would attract other international leaders, as well as the McMaster community to start developing a major new OI programme in the area of human origins that is well connected with key international research efforts. Population genomics, reproductive genomics, molecular medicine, gene therapy, Stem Cell research, environment and health, are all areas of research that can benefit from building strength in human genomics. In a 2-days conference we cannot cover all fields of interest and therefore it is important that we cover the rapidly advancing areas of genomics that have direct impact on human origins, evolution and health.

This workshop, as with the Astrobiology conference held by the OI in summer 2005, will be a first major step in a two year effort to map out an exciting programme in human origins that can be proposed to NSERC and other agencies for major support.

We expect the attendees to arrive on Thursday afternoon/evening, and after a 2-days of exciting meeting leave on Sunday morning. The invited speakers will outline the key areas of current research in each area and help drive discussion. There will be six 2-hr long sessions and each session will include a major speaker and two invited/contributed talks relevant to that session. This will be followed by a group discussion presentations and exploration of important ideas. Contributed talks will be selected from the abstracts submitted; the rest of the participants will be encouraged to present posters.

The meeting will feature a social get together on Thursday evening, a public talk on Friday evening, and a banquet dinner on Saturday evening. In order to create an optimal workshop atmosphere, we will limit participation to about 100 persons. Participants are encouraged to register early. The registration fee will cover morning and afternoon coffees, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches.

For any queries regarding the conference and workshop, please contact origins@mcmaster.ca

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