This international conference will be hosted by the Origins Institute (OI) at McMaster University over 5 days in 2009, from May 25-29.

To celebrate the sesquicentennial for the publication of the 'Origin of Species,' the OI will bring together scientists from a variety of disciplines who use natural selection (or a variant thereof) as a guiding principle in their research.

The conference comprises 9 sessions, each including a keynote address, an invited lecture, and contributed talks.

Session themes are organised to run from evolution to biodiversity, cognition, modification - molecules to organisms, and complexity - life on Earth and beyond.


For information about the 2009 Peter Yodzis Colloquium in Fundamental Ecology, 'Frontiers of Evolution,' another Darwin celebration at nearby University of Guelph, running from May 20 to 21, please surf to www.uoguelph.ca/Ecologicalcolloquia/.

A Hindustani music benefit concert for an orphanage-school and home for the aged will be held immediately following the conference; please surf to here for information.


Conference poster