Research Topics

We design our research programs to complement activities at other institutions nationally and internationally, so that we create new opportunities by building at interfaces among major disciplines and initiatives.

We have developed a unique approach involving collaborations among our members with researchers across the country and over the world. 

We have identified as long-term objectives developing research programs in the following origins-related themes:

space-time origin of space-time the early universe, inflation, dark energy, dark matter, particle physics, cosmology.
structure in cosmos origins of structure in the cosmos - large scale structure in the universe; the formation and evolution of galaxies, stars, and planets;  interstellar medium in galaxies; star clusters; black holes.
elements origins of elements - nuclear astrophysics, dwarf novae, supernovae, perhaps even novae of exotic new proposed quark stars, and large-scale experiments at Canadian (TRIUMF) and international laboratories.
life origin of life - astrobiology: extrasolar planetary systems, planet formation, geochemistry, extremophile microbiology, genomics, and exploration for life elsewhere in the solar system (the OI is a member of the Canadian Astrobiology Training Program).
species origins of species & biodiversity genetics, genomics, evolution, ecology.
consciousness origins of consciousness - sensation, perception, cognition, and consciousness.