Origins Institute Centre - Photo by Sergey Mashchenko

Our research programs are based on fundamental problems in science.  These topics are also exciting to students of all backgrounds.  The Origins Institute is proud to have developed undergraduate and graduate programs that engage students in the very latest ideas and techniques in interdisciplinary origins related science. Our overarching philosophy is that to do interdisciplinary research effectively, one must be both deeply trained to acquire specific sets of skills and ideas offered by "home" fields or departments, and  exposed to the broadly based questions and ideas of origins research.   Thus, in our Undergraduate (Origins Research Specialization) students get their "deep" training by being registered in an Honours Science program and taking a series of interdisciplinary origins courses and research thesis.  

The OI has also initiated Canada's first graduate program in Astrobiology.  In keeping with our basic philosophy on engaging in interdisciplinary research, our Collaborative Graduate Program in Astrobiology involves the collaboration of five "home" departments with the Origins Institute.   We offer the interdisciplinary grad courses, seminars and Astrobiology training while the departments prepare the graduate students with the deep techniques and skills in their fields that they bring to the table.  As a part of our program students participate in  our research Colloquia   and have  the opportunity to participate in international  Meetings   hosted by the OI.