Core (by department)

These are the faculty members who will supervise graduate research and also teach the graduate courses in the program.

Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences:

Radhey Gupta Genomics
Ying-fu Li RNA world
Gerry Wright Microbiology


Jonathon Stone (Associate Director, OI) Extremophiles, computational biology
J.P. Xu Microbiology
Brian Golding Bioinformatics

Chemistry and Chemical Biology:

Paul Harrison Prebiotic chemistry and organic chemistry

Physics and Astronomy:

Paul Higgs Molecular evolution, RNA world (theory), the origin of life
Ralph Pudritz (Director, OI) Exoplanet migration and formation, exogenous formation and delivery of amino acids, prebiotic states on young planets
Maikel Rheinstadter Soft matter physics, experiments
James Wadsley Jovian exoplanet formation, computational studies

Geography and Earth Sciences:

Carolyn Eyles Environmental geology and sedimentology
Greg Slater Geochemistry, analogue environments
Lesley Warren Microbial geochemistry, biomineralisation


These are faculty members who will participate in the collaborative program by serving as members of student supervisory committees, participating in some of the teaching of the courses, or contributing seminars of interest to the collaborative program.
Ben Evans (Biology): molecular biology
Sang-Tae Kim (School of Geography and Earth Sciences): stable isotope geochemistry
Christine Wilson (Physics and Astronomy): galactic star formation