How to Apply

Prospective graduate students must be accepted for graduate degree work in one of the five, collaborating home departments (click here to see the links). Successful completion of the program will provide students an 'Astrobiology Specialization' to complement their home degree, and graduates will be qualified to pursue further research and work in the field.

Students apply to the Collaborative Program in Astrobiology by applying to their chosen home program via McMaster's School of Graduate Studies, by this link:

In addition, the applicants indicate their interest in the astrobiology specialization and provide a written statement (as part of their application through the SGS link above) of no more than 500 words describing their interests in astrobiology and the research that they would be interested in pursuing.

Supervisors for the Astrobiology research are core members of the program and are listed here.

International applicants whose native language is not English will be required to submit an official statement of English language test results.

We recommend that students should have a minimum of a one term (3 unit) course in ONE of the following subjects: Astronomy, Biochemistry, or Geology/Geochemistry

Home departments conduct their standard review processes for acceptance, then forward successful applications to the Collaborative Astrobiology Program for review.

Once accepted by both the home program and the OI, students are given a joint offer - from both the home department and the OI.


Admission Requirements for Master's Degree

  • Same as the requirements for an M.Sc. in the chosen home program.
  • A written statement of interest in the Collaborative Program (M.Sc. level) in 500 words or less.


Admission Requirements for Ph.D. Degree

  • Same as the requirements for a Ph.D in the chosen home program
  • A written statement of interest in the Collaborative Program (Ph.D. level) in 500 words or less.
  • M.Sc. students showing outstanding research potential and high academic standing may be transferred to the Ph.D. program. Transfers are in keeping with the procedures followed by the home department. Section 2.1.2 of the application site outlines how Masters students may transfer to the Ph.D.
  • Comprehensive exams for the Ph.D. degree will be administered by the home department.


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