Retreat 2019

Origins Institute Retreat on Education and Research

Monday 15th April

Waterfront Centre, 555 Bay St North, Hamilton.

8.15                 Breakfast

9.00-9.10         Paul Higgs - Welcome. Aims of the Retreat

9.10-11.00       Amy Gullage and Greg van Gastel (MacPherson Institute)

                        Astrobiology Programme Review

                                    - What is IQAP?

                                    - Programme Learning Objectives

                                    - Student Experience

11.00-11.30     Break

11.30-12.30     Amy Gullage and Greg van Gastel (MacPherson Institute)

                        Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research

                                    - Encouraging Collaboration and Belonging

                                    - Finding a coherent shared research agenda

12.30-12.35     Paul Higgs - Updating the OI Web Site

12.35-1.40       Lunch


                        Research Talks

                        Session 1 - Chair Andrew Tupper

1.40                 Allyson Brady.

                       Rock hosted life: Biomarker and exploration science in a Mars analogue

2.00                 Sian Ford.

                       Biosignatures and Beyond - How biologically-implicated molecules inform our understanding of abiogenesis and the limits of life as we know it.

2.20                 Nick Randazzo

                        Sequence Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironment Reconstruction: New Insights into the Habitability Assessment of the Martian Surface

2.40                 Josef Rucska

                        The early stages of planet formation: from dust to planetesimals


3.00                 Break


                        Session 2 - Chair Sian Ford

3.20                 Adrian Forsythe

                        The Origin and Spread of Fungal Invaders

3.40                 Armin Hodaei

                        Evolution of dimeric protein interfaces after gene duplication

4.00                 Andrew Tupper

                        Plausibility of an RNA World lacking Cytidine

4.20                 Ben Pearce

                        Origins of the Building Blocks of RNA

4.40                 Any Other Business and Close


6.00 till late     Party at Paul Higgs' house.