About the 3D Theatre

3D Theatre back The Origins Institute is excited to be developing and bringing a unique 3D show to Hamilton audiences. The Director of the Origins Institute, Ralph Pudritz, first proposed to develop 3D visualization for both research, as well as to create a theatre environment to show 3D educational films to the public. The 3D Theatre, which also doubles as an undergraduate lecture theatre, began in 2006 and launched a full schedule of shows open to individuals and groups in 2011.

3D Theatre FrontThe data for the movies was generated in super computers at the Swinburne University of Technologies’ Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, then shaped into animated three-dimensional form. Seeing planets you can almost touch, or having space particles whiz past your head develops an appreciation for the vastness of space and the extreme conditions on alien worlds, which is often lost in 2D versions. 

3D Theatre Projector The hour-long shows are held according to the online schedule in the McMaster 3D Theatre, located in the Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning, Rm. 1110. Screenings include combinations of 10-minute 3D movies, interactive presentations using 3D slides, and conclude with questions and answers. The theatre seats 120 people, and is wheelchair accessible.

Funding and technical support is provided by the Origins Institute, the Research and High Performance Computing Support, the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Classroom Audio Visual Services, with ticket sales used to operate the theatre and shows, and help the Origins Institute acquire and develop new shows.

The 3D Theatre uses linearly polarized glasses, which are provided at the start of the show.