Private shows

For groups of less than 25 people, shows are a flat rate of $150. Each additional person is $5. Payments may be made in cash or cheque (made out to "McMaster University").

Each show combines 3D movies, images, and interactive sessions with real scientists. Shows last one hour and include time for audience questions and answers.

All private show booking inquiries should be directed to


Shows currently available for private bookings:

Extreme Alien Worlds

A 3D Voyage Through and Beyond our Solar System, explore strange and exciting planets and moons in our Solar System and discover how we search to find distant planets around stars other than our Sun in our Galaxy! 

Einstein Universe Post Icon

Einstein's Universe: A 3D Exploration of the Cosmos

Experience the vastness of outer space as we explore galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the evolution of the cosmos and tour the universe from the Big Bang through to the latest discoveries, bringing Einstein's theory of gravity and spacetime to life.

    Mars poster icon

Mars: A World on the Edge

Discover the red planet in 3D, as we explore its structure, habitability, and the possibility that it was the site of a "second genesis" of life in the solar system.