Presentation slides

Origins of Stars and their Planetary Systems (2012)
Embedded Clusters As Laboratories for Star and Planet Formation Studies
Charles Lada
The Progression of Star Formation in the Rosette Molecular Cloud
Jason Ybarra
Ionized and Molecular Gas Dynamics in K3-50A
Pamela Klaassen
Simulating Protostellar Evolution and Radiative Feedback in Stars and Clusters
Mikhail Klassen
The imprint of formation in clusters on the field
Cathie Clarke
Evolution, ages, and birthrates of YSOs in clusters
Philip Myers
The Reflective and Thermal Properties of Transiting Extrasolar Planets
Jason Rowe
Planetary Architectures: From Interior Design to Urban Planning
Dimitar Sasselov
A High Contrast Adaptive Optics Imaging Search for Giant Planets Around Young M Dwarfs
Brendan Bowler
The origin of elemental abundances of the terrestrial planets
Sebastian Elser
The theoretically predicted distributions of mass and orbital elements of exoplanets
Shigeru Ida
Planet traps and the origin of the observed mass-period relation
Yasuhiro Hasegawa
Clues on the frequency of circumbinary planets in wide orbits
Mariangela Bonavita
Ralph Pudritz
The effects of dynamical evolution on planets in young substructured clusters
Richard Parker
The gas-rich disks: structure and evolution
Nuria Calvet
Millimeter-Wave Observations of Protoplanetary Transition Disks
Sean Andrews
The missing cavities in the polarized NIR scattered light images of transitional protoplanetary disks
Ruobing Dong
How young disks shape the growth of stellar systems
Kaitlin Kratter
Unveiling the structure of pre-transitional disks
Myriam Benisty
Resolving the CO snow line in protoplantary disks
Chunhua Qi
Turbulence in Protoplanetary Disks: Defining the Environment for Planet Formation
Jacob Simon
Observational Constraints on Spatial Variations of Grain Growth in Circumstellar Disks
John Carpenter
An improved model for grain growth in the outer part of a protoplanetary disc
Marina Galvagni
Launching of Magetocentrifugal Winds in the Inner Region of Protoplanetary Disks
Xuening Bai
The magnetically-active surface layers of protoplanetary discs
Mark Wardle
Formation of chondrules in disk winds
Raquel Salmeron
A review on the structure and evolutionary properties of substellar objects: from brown dwarfs to exoplanets
Isabelle Baraffe
On the reliability of stellar ages and age spreads inferred from pre-main-sequence evolutionary models
Takashi Hosokawa
Examing the Structure of Transiting Planets, from Super Earths to Gas Giants
Jonathan Fortney
Atmospheric Dynamics of Short Period Planets
Ian Dobbs-Dixon
From the filamentary structure of molecular clouds to the formation and properties of prestellar cores
Phillipe Andre
Direct Observation of the Transition to Coherence and Isothermal Filaments in a Dense Core
Jaime Pineda
Herschel water observations: revealing envelope dynamics in low-mass protostars
Joseph Mottram
An Observed Lack of Substructure in Starless Cores
Scott Schnee
Theoretical and observational predictions of collapsing dense cores using 3D radiation-magneto-hydrodynamics
Benoit Commercon
Constraints on the early stages of planet formation from multi-wavelength observations and modeling of the circumstellar disk of the Butterfly Star
Christian Gräfe
From dust to planetary embryos
Kees Dullemond
SPH simulations of dust aggregate collisions: the effects of aggregate porosity and mass on the threshold velocities for fragmentation
Farzana Meru
First PIONIER-VLTI images of protoplanetary disks inner dusty rim
Jean-Philippe Berger
Trapping dust particles in the outer regions of protoplanetary and transitional disks
Paola Pinilla
From pebbles to planetesimals and beyond
Anders Johansen
Planetesimal formation by sweep-up: How the bouncing barrier can aid growth
Fredrik Windmark
Vortex excitation at dead zone boundaries in 3D resistive magnetohydrodynamical global models of protoplanetary disks
Wladimir Lyra
The First Planets: the Critical Metallicity for Planet Formation
Jarrett Johnson
Transitional Disks: multiple planets, dust filtration or dust growth?
Zhaohuan Zhu
Implications of the disc structure on planetary migration
Bertram Bitsch
New developments in the old problem: revisiting disk-planet tidal interaction
Cristobal Petrovich
Herschel surveys of debris disks: incidences, outcomes and surprises
Brenda Matthews
SKARPS: The Search for Kuiper belts Around Radial-velocity Planet Stars
Geoffrey Bryden
The formation and properties of stars and brown dwarfs
Matthew Bate
Forming Gas-Giants Through Gravitational Instability: 3D Radiation Hydrodynamics Simulations and the Hill Criterion
Patrick Rogers
Brown dwarf and star formation and the bottom of the IMF: a critical look
Gilles Chabrier
A Hybrid Scenario for the Formation of Brown Dwarfs and Very Low Mass Stars
Shantanu Basu
Testing the models of early evolution of solids in disks through sub-mm interferometry
Luca Ricci