OI Public Lecture Series Video Recordings

Professor Paul Falkowski
"Life’s Engines - How Microbes made Earth Habitable"
Professor Marc Kamionkowski
"A telegram from the early Universe?"
Professor Frank Shu
"Reversing Climate Change: Using Carbon to Fight Carbon" (Oct 14, 2014)
Prof. Charles J. Lada
"The Search for Stellar Origins from Antiquity to the 21st Century" (2014-03-27)
Prof. Jonathan Fortney
"The Kepler Mission: Finding Exotic Solar Systems on the Road to Earth-Like Planets" (2014-01-21)
Dr. Cliff Burgess
"The Discovery of the Higgs Boson - and New Directions in Physics" (2012-10-17)
Ray Jayawardhana
"Rocks, Ice and Penguins: Searching for Clues to Planetary Origins in Antarctica" (2012-06-12)
Dr. Neil Turok
"From zero to infinity, and beyond!" (2010-05-09)
Dr. Laura Landweber
"Epigenetics: Rewriting the information in DNA" (2010-02-27)
Dr. David Deamer
"Systems biology, synthetic biology and the origin of life" (2011-05-10)
Prof. David Linden
"Love, Sex and Brain Evolution" (2010-11-30)
Prof. Dimitar Sasselov
"On Completing the Copernican Revolution" (2010-11-02)
Dr. Ralph Pudritz
"From First Stars to First Life" (2010-03-24)
Dr. Christian Marois
"Celebrating 400 years of the telescope with the first image of another Solar System" (2010-02-03)
Dr. Roberto Abraham
"From Cosmic Dawn to the First Planets: The Rise of Complexity" (2009-11-17)
Dr. William Harris
"Galileo, Shakespeare and van Gogh: Creative Reactions to the End of the World" (2009-10-21)
Dr. Doug Welch
"Light Echo: Supernova Light Echoes" (2009-10-15)
Dr. Steven Benner
"Natural History versus the Physical Sciences. How Scientists Approach the "Big Questions"" (2009-05-26)
Dr. Brian P. Schmidt
"The Universe From Beginning to End" (2009-04-06)
Dr. Sara Seager
"Origins and Aliens: The Search for Other Earths" (2009-03-26)
Prof. Richard Teuscher
"The Large Hadron Collider: Reaching Back to the Big Bang" (2009-02-26)
Dr. Tom Abel
"Cosmic Dawn: The First Star in the Universe" (2008-10-15)
Dr. Christine Wilson
"Galaxy Collisions, Star Formation and Galactic Evolution" (2008-05-05)
Dr. Jill Tarter
"SETI: Science Fact, Not Fiction" (2007-03-08)
Chris McKay
"Searching for life on Mars, Europa & Encleadus" (2005-05-25)