Science of Early Life

Science of Early Life Conference 2018June 24 - 27, 2018
Origins Institute, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

This interdisciplinary conference will present leading research in the Origins of Life, covering experimental, observational, and theoretical aspects.

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  • Astrochemistry
  • Prebiotic Chemistry
  • RNA World
  • Life in the Laboratory
  • Computational and Mathematical Modelling
  • Linking Geology and Chemistry

The conference will highlight the new Origins of Life Laboratory at McMaster, which has facilities for investigation of nucleic acid and membrane biochemistry and biophysics in controlled environments that simulate conditions on the early Earth and other planets. We wish to initiate research collaborations involving these new facilities.

Maikel Rheinstadter, Ralph Pudritz and Paul Higgs at the workshop of Angstrom Engineering in Kitchener, Ontario, where the equipment is being built.

Organizing committee: Paul Higgs, Ralph Pudritz, Maikel Rheinstadter, Thomas Henning.


We are grateful for sponsorship from the following organizations:


McMaster Science            Biophysical Society


Life             MDPI


The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences