The Genomics Revolution and the Origin of Humanity

The Genomics RevolutionThe sequencing of the human genome has been hailed as a scientific breakthrough in that it opened the human genetic blueprint to investigations of all questions ranging from human origins to the understanding of our humanity (language, music. mind) and health and complex diseases. How we differ from each other and from our closest biological relative (the Chimps), how interactions between genes and culture have shaped our humanity, how the brain works, what are the molecular basis of complex diseases, and why we age are among some of the important questions that can be pursued with molecular technology that continues to develop at a dizzying pace as a result of the sequencing of the human genomes.

Organizing Committe

Rama Singh, Department of Biology, McMaster University
Hendrik Poinar, Department of Anthropology, McMaster University
Ralph Pudritz, Department of Physics & Astronomy, McMaster University

Workshop Summary

The purpose of this summer workshop was to investigate the link between genomics and the origins and evolution of humans. We invited a group of 6-8 world class researchers and leaders in the fields of human genomics, evolution, and health. The workshop attracted other international leaders, as well as the McMaster University community in an attempt to establish a new Origins Institute research initiative in the area of human origins that would be connected with key international research efforts. Population genomics, reproductive genomics, molecular medicine, gene therapy, stem cell research, environment and health are research areas that benefit from building strength in human genomics.