The Origins of Stars and Their Planetary Systems

10 - 15 June, 2012
Origins Institute, Hamilton, Canada

origin of starsThis interdisciplinary conference explored the deep links between the processes of star and planet formation, highlighting recent advances in observations (Kepler, Herschell), theory, and computation

The conference featured 9 interdisciplinary and interleaved sessions, each with an invited Review Speaker, who set up the session with a true review of the current state of that field, as well as a Keynote Speaker who focused more on their own contributions to the subject. Three days also featured Discussion sessions at day's end, meant to provide a stimulating forum for the key results and issues raised in the presentations.

Conference booklet

Local Organizing Committee

Ralph Pudritz (chair), James Wadsley, and Christine D. Wilson -- Origins Institute (OI), McMaster University

Scientific Organizing Committee

Isabelle Baraffe
Shantanu Basu
Nuria Calvet
Cathie Clarke
James Di Francesco
Thomas Henning
Shigeru Ida
Ray Jayawardhana
Wilhelm Kley
Ralf Klessen
Mark Krumholz
Alessandro Morbidelli
Norm Murray
Eve Ostriker
Ralph Pudritz
Dimitar Sassetov
James Wadsley
Christine Wilson


Financial support for this conference was provided by the Origins Institute at McMaster. We also wish to thank the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) for a conference grant that helped support this meeting.