2016 - 2017

The Scientific Quest to Understand the Origin of Life

Dr. Nicholas V. Hud - Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture
When Feb 06, 2017
from 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Where MDCL-3020
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Charles Darwin once speculated that biological molecules might spontaneously form in a “warm little pond,” but then concluded that it was “mere rubbish” to think about the origin of life during his time.  150 year later, tremendous advances in biology and chemistry have now made it possible to explore, using model reactions and genomic data, the chemical origins and early evolution of life. This combination of so-called bottom up (i.e., chemical) and top down (i.e., biological) approaches to uncovering the origins of life are helping to write the “missing first chapter” of Darwin’s book On the Origins of Species.